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    <p>Agate Diyed Stone cutting 4ml (color change over time)<br />Tribe Hill Silver 925 Pendant</p> <p>Made by Indonesian Local Craftsman.</p> <p>You can use us at any time, without having to wear off, our products are waterproof.<br />Put perfume / cologne on a braided bracelet to be used as a mood booster.</p> <p>Woven with a cotton cord braided in such a way with Local Craftmen.<br />has more quality than rubber strings or other straps.</p> <p>Our bracelet has a sliding knot, from a rope or alloy (details on photo)<br />Easily adjustable to 10-11cm, which is nearly all wrist size.<br />It can be worn by women, men, children, babies.</p> <p>Disclaimer : Photo may slightly difference from actual item in terms of Color due to the lighting during photo shooting or the monitor'S screens.</p> <p>We also concentrate on Green Packaging, by making<br />own shipping packaging of recycled recycled paper, and use Water Base ink.</p> <p>* The stones / beads used are natural stones / beads, each individual has its own uniqueness<br />(colors, strokes, imperfect shapes)<br />Therefore there will be no shapes and colors that will be exactly the same, but still similar.</p> <p><br />#gelangboho#gelangpantai#gelangbali#gelangyoga#gelangtali#bohemian#semoetketjil#gelanghandmade<br />#gelangkepang#gelangtassel#gelanghamsa#gelangbenang#gelangsimple#gelangcouple#gelangpaket</p>