• Sejiwa Kamajaya Kamaratih

    IDR 270,000.00 IDR 256,861.00
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    Kamajaya : Onyx stones doff 6ml + Recycled glass beads 6ml + diameter +- 12-13cm

    Kamaratih : Recycled glass beads 4ml + Onyx stones doff 4ml + diameter +- 10-11cm

    Product contain Recycle beads...!!
    Let's join us to Protect the Earth, using wasted material, made by Indonesian Local Craftsman.

    You can use us at any time, without having to wear off, our products are waterproof.
    Put perfume / cologne on a braided bracelet to be used as a mood booster.

    Woven with a cotton cord braided in such a way with Local Craftmen.
    has more quality than rubber strings or other straps.

    Our bracelet has a sliding knot, from a rope or alloy (details on photo)
    Easily adjustable to 10-11cm, which is nearly all wrist size.
    It can be worn by women, men, children, babies.

    Disclaimer : Photo may slightly difference from actual item in terms of Color
    due to the lighting during photo shooting or the monitor'S screens.