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    - This product consists of Silver 925 material.
    - Dull on silver is a natural thing, because of the contamination of sweat, and other compounds such as perfume, etc.
    - Use Toothpaste to clean silver, rub a little toothpaste, rub it gently with a cloth then rinse.
    (avoid toothpaste containing bleach).
    - Use dish cleaning liquid, gently apply then rub with a cloth and rinse.
    - Always wash products such as washing hands after water activities.
    - Adjustable to 9-10cm, which is nearly all wrist size.
    - The stones / beads used are natural stones / beads, each individual has its own uniqueness
    (colors, strokes, imperfect shapes)
    - There will be no shapes and colors that will be exactly the same, but still similar.